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Hello and welcome to the WSM school website.We are known as the Website Wizards and will keep you updated with the latest news about what our school has been up to. 

Eliana, Erin, Olli and Marcy Y6



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Welton St. Mary’s Newsroom is run by groups of children who come together to produce information about events that have been happening in our school.

Anti-bullying week


Taylor Campbell




This week we are looking into anti-bullying and how to treat other respectfully and also how to solve an issue or argument peacefully. On Monday’s collective worship, Taylor Campbell came into teach us about himself and anti-bullying. He has told us that many famous celebrities were bullied when they were younger but ended up amazingly famous! Taylor Campbell is a bronze medallist in the commonwealth games and has threw a 6KG hammer just short of 80 (78.74)m!



School Assessment Week

This week has been assessment week. It has been a fantastic term for children and teachers use this to see what the children need to work on next. It has been hard work but we have all got through it doing very well. Over the course of the term, Key Stage 2 children have had to face Maths, Maths Arithmetic, English and SPaG all in a crucial time limit. Well done everybody.

Max S.




Final Push For Aerobics

This is the last push to practise our aerobics routine before we perform it to the whole school !

By Daisy Parkinson Y6



Key stage ones best Nativity yet!!

On Monday the 5th of December  we had a wonderful time watching the key stage 1’s modern day twist on a classical nativity. This was an absolute treat as it gave us a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of school life.

By Mackenzie.D and Kian. G year 6




Epic Panto Went on Thursday 1st Puss in Boots


Did you see our epic Christmas pantomime on Thursday 1st? Well it was amazing as there were lots of characters such as: Colin, Puss in Boots, The King, The Princess, Evil Henchman and the horrible Maurice the Ogre. If you did see it you would probably agree on what I’m saying but if you didn’t see it here’s a bit about it. The main character was a boy called Colin and he had a pet cat called Puss. The King was always being asked for money from an Ogre called Maresse.

After a while, Colin and the Princess met and fell in love so Colin dressed as a Prince and made the King like him and give him a test. Colin did the test but got it wet and ruined so the Princess helped do it again. When the King didn’t notice the evil Henchman took the Princess and set the Ogre loose in a castle. But when Colin found out he saved the Princess, got married and lived happily ever after.

By  Daisy.P

YR6 letters to Mrs Gough

This week the year 6’s wrote a letter to Mrs Gough to invite any person we want into school. Some of the letters will be chosen to send an invitation to the person they would like to invite and they may come into school. Who do you think might come in to school? Who would you invite?


Written by Jack.D.


Lighting up the hall with our christingles


On Friday 9th December the entire school made a christingle ready for the service in our the hall that was to be lead by miss smith. In the service all year 6s candles were lit and circled the lower years as we said a prayer. Afterwards all the classes were taken back to their classrooms for their candle to be lit. By kian,Daisy

Christmas shop


On Thursday 15th December the whole school scrambled into the small hall,year by year to purchase gifts for their family or themselves. The maximum money allowed to spend was £5.00 but some people brought less. There were a selection of different presents such as: Mugs, photo collection and some different pairs of socks.

Viking Exit Point

Last Tuesday year 3 and 4 sang 5 Viking songs  at their exit point celebration. Parents enjoyed the Viking stew and the wonderful displays at the back of the hall. There were actions to most of the songs and we enjoyed singing and doing the actions. A big thank you to Mrs Thorner and Mrs Halliday for teaching and conducting the songs.

By Macie  and Amanda Year 3

Awesome aerobics

On the 29th November 2016 we had an epic aerobics event, all six houses had to take part (3 houses at time copied each other) Following a poll after the event, 85.9% of people thought it was great.3-dp

Happy New Year to you all

Welcome back and Happy New Year from all of us here at Welton St Marys! A new year means new and exciting things here at WSM newsroom HQ!


hope you had a great christmas

Hope you had a great Christmas! What did you get? At WSTM we all had an absolutely fabulous Christmas.



morning club (ks1)

Monday-Parachute Games

Wednesday-Ball Games



This terms topic is keeping myself safe

In this topic we are looking at not just 0nline but also physically. By wearing helmets,not going into building sites and playing near roads

By Kian,Daisy




Year 1's stages brilliant collective worship


On Friday all of the school and some lucky parents were able to watch the amazing collective worship preformed and created by the brilliant Year 1 where wewatched an entertaining drama of the Lion and the Mouse.mouse-and-lion


E.C.O battery bin

Our new battery bin will be placed in the staff room this  means that you will be able to bring in your batteries and give them to your teacher and they will put your batteries in the battery bin for any questions then please ask Mrs Fitzgerald

By Daisy Parkinson Year 6


Our new term value is respect. To respect you need to look after  your elders, respect your teachers, respect friends and family, respect the environment and respects the world and most importantly your self





This week we were told of a charity event that our school decided to take part of THE READATHON. The Readathon is where you are given a small booklet with a small grid inside where you put your name; the book; some sponsors and the amount of money  that they are donating to the charity (hospital and improving and giving them book with the money raise to help them)

Weighing Scale Collective Worship

Miss Smith presented a collective worship to the school about having more good than bad on our weighing scale. We also found out that good is better than bad .

Max Carter year 3

Hello and Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back to the WSM Newsroom. We hope you have all had a wonderful half-Term. We are all starting of a new and fresh term starting of with science week!


Science Week

This week is science week all throughout the school .We have been getting up to lots of science activities and this will follow on for the rest of the week .

In year 6 , we have been doing about exercise and how our pulse rate changes.

We have all found alot of new knowledge about our pulse rates and other years have found some exciting facts about differnt aspects of science.



By Daisy Parkinson and Jack Dowthwaite Year 6

Jude Jessop Walks Out With Lincoln City

Jude Jessop, a year 6 pupil, has recently walked out with Lincoln City FC at the Arsenal vs Lincoln City game. The expected amount of Lincoln fans was over 9,000 and the stadium capacity is 60,432. Here’s what Jude Jessop said, ‘I felt well excited! I loved it!’

Unfortunatly you do not see Jude in this video but you do see all goals.


Wizard of Oz

Recently, the year sixes have been busy rehearsing the play “Wizard of Oz” and are ready to perform in front of the school on Friday 30th June. The main character (Judy Garland) is being played by Bethan Bees and Amelia Baxter. Myself, Max Smith, playing a Crow, a Winkie Guard and Tech.

If you are coming we hope you enjoy it!



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